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Submitted on
November 6, 2013


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4th COBRA Art Jam Project - Closed

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 6, 2013, 9:32 AM
Cobra logo - black outlines by TheCobraCommanderUPDATE: I am creating the composition now. It will be complete soon.

Greetings loyal members of COBRA,

Once again, it's time to initiate our group-wide, collaborative art jam project! This COBRA Art Jam Project was conceived in 2010 to commemorate our first year anniversary on DeviantART. We have since held an annual event, and hope to continue to do so in the years to come. Our turn-outs grow more and more impressive every year.

Here is last year's project (3rd Annual COBRA Art Jam):
Cobra Fan Club Art Jam 2013 by TheCobraCommander

On February 11, 2014, CobraFanClub will celebrate its fourth year on DeviantART. Be a part of the celebration and choose your character now!
Participation guidelines are below.

I reusing the list of characters that we used in the past (with some modifications), but I will add more as necessary.

Members  may "claim" or choose a character from the list to draw on a first-come, first-served basis. A few of you might be able to choose multiple characters (but no more than 2 at one time) depending on how many people join in this project. I encourage those of you who participated last year to choose a different character than you chose last time, however, that is not a requirement.

:bulletyellow:It must be a full-body image of the character(s) you choose.
:bulletyellow:The completed image must have a transparent background (png, psd, or gif file).
:bulletyellow:Coloring and/or shading of your piece(s) is optional but it is highly recommended.
:bulletyellow:The submission deadline is March 5, 2014.

To submit your completed image(s)...
You may submit the image to your DeviantArt gallery with a transparent background OR email the image to me, again with a transparent background. Should you opt to email the image to me, I will send you a note with the address you may use.

:bulletred:You may also submit your completed images to the "Art Jam Submissions" folder.:bulletred:

Below is the list of characters. I will add more as necessary or as requested. If you have a particular character (or version of a character) that you would like to draw, put in your request as soon as possible.

Note: Multiple versions or costume variants of the same character will be allowed.
If there is no name beside the character's listing, then the character is available.
:bulletred: = character is available
:bulletblue: = character is claimed


:bulletblue:Cobra Commander (helmet) - Foamblanket
:bulletblue:Cobra Commander (hood) - Supermonge
:bulletblue:Cobra Commander (battle armor) - Jokeroo
:bulletred:Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe: Renegades version)
:bulletred:Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe: Resolute version)
:bulletblue:Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe: Retaliation version) - xXMedi-Viper-RoseXx
:bulletred:Cobra Commander ("Old Snake")
:bulletblue:The Baroness (black uniform) - NAY-WhatWouldLokiDo
:bulletblue:The Baroness (blue uniform) - captblitzdawg
:bulletblue:The Baroness (G.I. Joe: Renegades version) - TRDLcomics
:bulletblue:Destro - captblitzdawg
:bulletred:Destro (G.I. Joe: Resolute version)
:bulletred:Destro (Iron Grenadier)
:bulletblue:Firefly - Zero-Optix
:bulletblue:Firefly (G.I. Joe: Retaliation version) - SpaceRacer55
:bulletblue:Major Bludd - NAY-WhatWouldLokiDo
:bulletblue:Serpentor - Foamblanket
:bulletblue:Tomax and Xamot - ThalieXVII

:bulletred:Storm Shadow
:bulletblue:Billy - Nala15
:bulletred:Shadow Strike
:bulletred:Snake Eyes (COBRA affiliated)

COBRA Personnel
:bulletred:Big Boa
:bulletblue:Croc Master - Optic-AL
:bulletred:Dr. Mindbender
:bulletred:Dr. Venom
:bulletred:Fred VII (Cobra Commander imposter)
:bulletblue:Raptor - EBnotebook-art
:bulletred:Scrap Iron
:bulletred:Wild Weasel

:bulletred:Monkey Wrench
:bulletred:Road Pig
:bulletblue:Zandar - melbell01
:bulletblue:Zanya - C21
:bulletblue:Zarana - TRDLcomics

Vipers and Troops
:bulletred:Alley Viper
:bulletred:Heat Viper
:bulletred:Ice-Viper / Snow Serpent
:bulletred:COBRA B.A.T
:bulletred:COBRA Eel
:bulletred:COBRA Trooper (male)
:bulletblue:COBRA Trooper (female) - C21
:bulletred:COBRA Viper
:bulletred:Crimson Guard (male)
:bulletblue:Crimson Guard (female) - TheDARKWOLF
:bulletred:W.O.R.M.S specialist

:bulletblue:Pythona - Jokeroo
:bulletred:Nemesis Enforcer

Completed/Submitted Images:

:star: ThalieXVII - Tomax & Xamot
:star: TRDLcomics - The Baroness (G.I. Joe: Renegades version)
:star: TRDLcomics - Zarana
:star: Foamblanket - Cobra Commander (helmet)
:star: Foamblanket - Serpentor
:star: Jokeroo - Cobra Commander (battle armor)
:star: EBnotebook-art - Raptor
:star: Supermonge - Cobra Commander (hood)
:star: Optic-AL - Croc Master
:star: melbell01 - Zandar
:star: Nala15 - Billy
:star: SpaceRacer55 - Firefly (Retaliation
:star: C21 - Zanya & COBRA Trooper (female)

Cobra logo - black outlines by TheCobraCommander
:bulletblack:Welcome to COBRA:bulletblack:Contest:bulletblack:COBRA Comment Campaign:bulletblack:Chatroom:bulletblack:Gallery Submission Rules:bulletblack:Group Blog Entries:bulletblack:COBRA Art Jam 4:bulletblack:COBRA OC "Art Jam":bulletblack:CobraCommanderFans:bulletblack:Baroness-Fans-Unite:bulletblack:StormShadowFans:bulletblack:Cobra Commander "Art Jam" by CobraCommanderFans:bulletblack:
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C21 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2014  Professional General Artist
Just realized that I am a day late in submitting my two pieces.  I swear that I read it was April 1st.  Ah well, it's an April fools on me.

Hope you enjoy them anyway.

Female Cobra Trooper by C21  Zanya by C21  
TheCobraCommander Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for your submissions.
C21 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
You're quite welcome, Commander
captblitzdawg Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I need to beg for more time if possible- kidney stone, spider bite, marital separation, house foreclosure, daughter getting ready for college and prom. I just need a few more days.
TheCobraCommander Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The deadline has been extended to March 31st.
Take care of yourself, trooper.
SpaceRacer55 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My pencils for Firefly are all done, I just need to make time to ink and/or color it. I will not fail you!
Nala15 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Professional General Artist
I haven't forgotten about my entry, sir! :salute: Just wanted to let you know! :)
Jokeroo Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Hail Cobra! May I try my hand at the Commander in his battle armor?
Jokeroo Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Whoops, I forgot I already requested!
TheCobraCommander Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you still wish to claim Pythona?
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